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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  December 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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edge at 11:00. disbllz we heard a noise. we were wondering what it was. didn't sound like shots at first. >> right off the top tonight, courthouse chaos. one sheriff's deputy stabbed. another shot. it happened inside a holding cell at the fauquier county courthouse. investigators say both deputies were overtaken by an inmate who attacked them. 30-year-old george golder philips charged with bank robbery now facing charges of trying to kill an officer. roby chavez picks up on the news edge with how the community is dealing with the drama. >> reporter: it is a horrible tragedy and a frightening way to end a year. today when gunshots rang ot in the fauquier county courthouse, people here in warrenton couldn't believe it. tonight they are rallying behind the two deputies attacked by an alleged bank robber. by night fall the calm had returned to the fauquier county courthouse. a contrast to the chaos that unfolded earlier. here you can see one of the two deputies rushed out of the
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courthouse after a violent attack by a prisoner. it's an unheard of act in this quiet county. >> it's crazy. just -- i mean, we're such a small little town. something like t absurd. >> reporter: the deputies were rushed to the hospital in a frantic moment to save their lives. one was stabbed in the face and the other shot in the leg. tense moments for a tight knit community. >> wow. it's pretty scary. i work in the courthouse a lot. it's pretty frightening. >> reporter: officials still don't know why 30-year-old george philips of culpeper arrested for a bank robbery was not shackled or handcuffed. investigators say philips attacked one of them with a homemade weapon and took his gun. then used that gun to shoot another deputy. the two injured deputies fought back and kept the scene from getting worse. deputies in courthouse -- and courthouse workers responded with precision. > there are safety procedures that went into effect. i can't comment on those but they seemed to have worked fairly well.
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and the courthouse was closed immediately for the day. >> reporter: [ indiscern in ] >> you don't hear stuff like this going on in warrenton. it's a pretty peaceful town. >> reporter: he was arrested in november and charged with three different bank robberies in fauquier county. in warrenton, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> in july philips was charged with possession of a controlled substance in prince george's county. in september -- in prince william county. in september he was charged with obstruction of justice and october he was picked up again in prince william county and charged with forgery. the d.c. region bracing for another round of winter weather. 2009 going out with a blast of cold air and a wintry mix is expected to start overnight. what does it mean for your morning commute? sue palka tracking that in the weather center. >> i would say it definitely requires extra time because there will be a mix around, a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain. we're not talking about a lot but the timing is for this to begin very close to the beginning of the morning rush
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hour. any time after 4:00 a.m. here's where the precipitation is now. we're already seeing it breaking out down around the roanoke area. you can see the white as well as the pink. the pink being a combination of sleet and freezing rain. there is also rain with that. it's a pretty wide area of precipitation but the storm itself is not terribly organized. it's going to move by us brushing us with perhaps a quarter inch or a little bit more of liquid precipitation but some of that is going to fall in the form of snow and sleet. and there could be small accumulations, emily north and west, enough to make it a -- emily north and west, enough to make it a little bit slick in the morning. i think temperatures will come above freezing by late morning so that even if it is still snowing or sleeting, a lot of that won't be able to pile up on us. but initially it will because temperures are going to be in the upper 20s overnight. so it's cold enough to at least get started with a little bit of slickness but it should be winding down. that's round one. the afternoon will get a break but there may be another round tomorrow night into the first
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part of our new year's day. i'll talk more about that when i join you upstairs. >> see you in a bit. a christmas day terror plot prompting changes in airport security. netherlands will immediately begin using full body scanners for flights headed to theist. the man accused of trying to blow up the flight from amsterdam to detroit last friday. president obama will get a report tomorrow. the suspect was on a terror watch list but official i did not connect him to other intelligence coming out of yemen. a maryland man on that targeted christmas day flight to detroit is talking about the ordeal. dr. robert conn was sitting rows away from the suspect on the northwest flight. he said he heard popping noises. then a commotion. then saw smoke. >> i heard a pop like a balloon was being popped. as i looked up, i saw flashes of fire and then clouds of smoke. every time somebody asked me
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about the details, i eally became teary eyed. i was close to crying because it was so -- such an emotional sthing. >> dr. kan says he's looking at the incident as a second chance of life. >> reporter: the news edge on virginia where arlington county police officerspent the night going door to door looking for answers in a murder mystery. 57-year-old carl deiner was found stabbed to death on 13th street in children don -- clarendon early tuesday morning. he was retired from the federal government and worked part-time at the nearby sport and health club. the news edge on maryland where two bank robbery suspects led police on a wild chase. this is how it ended. two men pulled the heist and took off in that white mercedes. went into prince george's county and eventually bailed in the area of route 301 and marlboro pike. police caught up with them in the woods nearby and arrested the pair. a crash shut down the bwi parkway at the height of the
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morning rush. a team rushed in from shock trauma to help treat the accident victim who was stuck in the car. they flew him to the hospital. he's being treated for massive lower body injurie a suicide bomber hit in east afghanistan today killing eight americans. >> reporter: all eight victims reportedly c.i.a. employees. meanwhile protests in afghanistan following a military attack that left several children dead there. demonstrators burned an american flag today. they also chanted slogans denouncing the afghan president . 14 families picking up the pieces tonight, many having to start over after a huge fire at the manor apartments on georgia avenue in apen hill. still too dangerous for anybody to go back inside and most of the victims have lost almost everything. amazing video of a
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freighter sinking off the coast of key biscane, florida. it was capsized on purpose. it's the latest addition to an artificial reef there. officials are hoping the boat will provide divers new adventures and boost the fishing business. let's talk about a grinch. still ahead a u.s. soldier flies home for the holidays but when he gets to his destination, most of his stuff is missing. valuable personal items stolen right out of his luggage. vodka on the rocks. a stocks 35 top five -- a fox 5 top five you don't want to miss. why you might want to keep a few bottles around this winter. a quick check of the rundown. the real world in d.c. started tonight. was it worth the hype? you'll find out. we're back in one minute. 
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his kidnappers were disguised as an iraqi policeman. three turned up dead. the fourth still missing. moe is now recoverg from his two-year ordeal at the british embassy in iraq. an army specialist got a special trip home for christmas. didn't end the way he wanted. specialist ryan owe sullivan was home in chicago for the hole dai. had to fly back to base on sunday. his bag didn't make it. the next day a transport company delivered it minus an x box and hard drive full of pictures from his military service. >> it was quite obvious he was a soldier. the bag has u.s. army on it. it's just sad that at this time somebody went in there and stole from somebody who gives every single day. >> specialist oh sullivan's mom says he doesn't care so much
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about the xbox but the pictures mean a lot to him. back to laura evans we go with your fox 5 top five. >> more drug resistant strains of h.i.v. are popping up world worldwide. number five tonight, two different studies have found an increase in h.i.v. drug resistance worldwide. stanford university researchers say there were 93 strains in 2008. that's up from 80 the previous year. number four, winter brings more than colds and the flu. it's also the season for heart attacks. doctors say the biting cold air causes blood vessels to contribute as the body tries to prevent heat loss raising blood pressure and reducing the flow to the heart. when combined with strenuous activities like shoveling snow, it can trigger a heart attack for those at risk. it's a favorite spirit from all over the year but vodka could also remove ice during the winter. a product known as magic salt clears off sidewalks and driveways and roads. one ever the key ingreed
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yefntses in -- ingredients in it istilled vodka. oil prices are up which will likely mean higher prices at the pump. oil peaked today as crude supplies fell. gasoline supplies also fell today unexpectedly and less gas means higher prices. >> pay close attention to the parking signs in d.c. changes are coming mid january. the payment or timing for some spots to change and drivers will have to pay to park on saturdays. also nighttime parking enforcement hours downtown will now be extended to 10:30 p.m. again that starts in mid january. of course we posted tonight's top five on our website. just go to and click on web links. >> thank you, laura. really an unbelievable story here. a mother and her newborn die in the delivery room. the story doesn't stop there, though. still ahead, the christmas mile an hour recall that brought them both back to life. this is the true story. >> you know that open. the real world d.c. debuted
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tonight. see wh happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. we talk to one ever the cast members about the experience. as we go to break, mother teresa getting her own postage stamp. she's one of several notables who will be commemorated by the postal service in 2010. also on the list of honoree, katherine hepburn, gene attry. the same things.
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or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass. just scratch me if you could, right back there. no thanks. ok. this. this is the true story. >> strangers sworn to secrecy
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living together for weeks but that vow ends tonight. the debut of real world d.c. it's the original reality show. for its 23rd season, the show moved to dupont circle. some of the cast members were at black fin in northwest tonight for the premier. beth parker shows us what happens when the real world goes d. >> reporter: there are already cameras greeting kelly walker. soon many more people will know who she is. >> it's just something about tally. > reporter: walker is one ever the eight cast members of real world d.c. >> today is going to mark the day of everything in my life. >> reporter: he spent weeks living together in this dupont circle house which was renovated this spring. >> we just had to get a lot of subs and rock 'n' roll. you had at least 20 people in there every day. >> reporter: architect -- [ indiscernible ] -- to transform the place into something very
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washington. there's even a metro map on the wall. one unusual request on this project, no doors inside and that includes bathrooms. >> kind of made the experience that much more bizarre because you don't have doors. you can pretty much be seen while you're showering. you have to get rid of anything as far as privacy goes and just go with it. >> reporter: take means ignoring the many cameras. >> we're all really driven. we were still young 20 somethings here to have fun. we definitely made the most of our time. >> reporter: making the most of it means d.c. internships and of courseissing. we asked about the drawm pa. >> one thing i definitely piledded myself on, i'm really positive and not that confrontational. i love my roommates. >> reporter: dupont neighbors we talked with say the drama wasn't so bad. on a couple of nights, people coming back from bars were just -- would just like yell and scream in the windows trying to get cast members' attention. but just another night in the city for me.
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>> reporter: you're going to give us a little drama, right? we'll see something. >> you'll have to watch. have to find out. >> reporter: she may be new to reality tv but she's getting the hang of it. >> be careful, okay. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. if you are looking for a job in a beautiful location with lots of work outdoors, try this out. some scientists working on climate change in antarctica need support staff. thousands of people are actually applying for the gig. mostly maintenance stuff, cooking, things like that. so far the people who have gone to work have no complaints. >> when i first got here, i think i had the same reaction as everybody else when they first get off the plane or come off the boat. you just -- you're just in awe. you can't believe your surroundings and every day you hear that each view changes, you know. and you don't really get tired of that. >> you might get tired of this. that part of antarctica is 32
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degrees in the summer. about minus 58 in the winter. >> i was think i could go there and cook and escape all my problems. >> not so great after all. it's feeling bitter the last couple of days. >> it's been quite a december. we hope this trend will change as we head into january but the early part of january stays nice and cold. in fact tomorrow and new year's day may actually look warm to you but we do have a messy mix on the way. a live look outside. hasn't gotten started yet. this will begin to occur south and west of town after say 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. when you wake up there will probably be something coming out of the sky. we advise you to check out fox 5 morning news. they'll let yoknow what you will be encountering but it is likely the morning rush hour will be slick for some of us. as the morning goes o we'll see the temperatures come high enough that anything that falls should begin to melt.
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north and west of town it will stay colder longer. maybe snow or sleet could pile up. i'm more concerned about freezing rain, emily east of 95 -- especially east of 95 and down to our south and east. definitely check out tony and tucker in the morning to let you know what to expect. this round one, though, will tamer off by late morning. might end as a little bit of rain but probably will shut off and we'll have dry hours during the new year's eve day thursday. but another round will follow late at night starting around 10:00, 11:00. we think this will primarily be rain but we'll let you know if anything changes with that we think the warm air will be in place and overnight tomorrow night will not be as cold. tonight won't be as cold either but cold enough that this winter weather advisory needs to be in place because temperatures will likely drop into the upper 20s which will be about 10 degrees warmer believe it or not than it was last night. winter weather advisory will be dropd to about 1:00 tomorrow. max hd satellite and radar, we'll show you while we just have the clouds now, we begin
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to see what is going to be coming in our direction. a little bit of sleet and freezing rain breaking out across southwestern virginia. and a lot more moisture to go, although this storm system will not get its act together in time to bring us a huge snow event and the cold air is not going to be able to stay in place because the atmosphere set up with the area of high pressure isn't in the right position to keep that cold air in place. so i guess that's good news for those of us who have a lot of returning to do on new year's eve. temperature right now in the district is 32. gaithersburg 28. out toward dulles it's 30 degrees. temperatures tonight will definitely get down there but as the morning goes on by 10:00 or 11:00 i think we'll see most of the region at least within the beltway around 35, 36 degrees. so your morning mix will be supplied by this area of low pressure. it will head on up the coast and again the afternoon looks drier so if you really don't like to deal with stuff like that try to postpone it till later in the day. a drier afternoon and another round that may come into town here late new year's eve and intothe first part of friday.
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now, new year's day itself just mostly cloudy. we get blustery on saturday. look at temperature. 34 degrees. sunday only 34. monday's temperature staying chilly as well. 33 degrees. so get used to the cold for the first part of 2010. it sure got here fast, didn't it? speaking of fast, on the news edge at 11:00 we've got dave feldman with the sports edge. here he is. come on in, you crazy kid. he'll be right back.
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good evening. the maryland terrapins do not lose a lot at home and almost never lose to a nonconference opponent at home. since 2002 they're -- [ indiscernible ] which william and mary is not. but they're good. gary williams knew that. knew he was in for a dog fight. william and mary had already beaten wake forest and was off to its best start in over 30 years. first half, maryland down by 8. make it 5. vas qeses had 26. maryland fell by 9 at the half. second half, add three more. from the parking lot. william and mary up 12. now under 7 minutes left -- [ inaudible ] william and mary beat maryland 83-77. terps fall to 8-4. they're 6-1 at home. george son at radford. it was close in the first half. isiah tate gets the lane and takes it up with two handleds
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for the throwdown. patriots fell by 5 at the break. second half all highlanders. rad would destroy george mason. a bad day for another george. washington lose at harvard 66- 53. brian orakpo said he was humbled to be the onlyrookie added to the pro bowl. this year he learned to play outside linebacker and learned well. he has 11 sacks, 58 tackles. it's the best among n.f.l. rookies. the pro bowl was a nice honor but it wasn't his goal. >> very surprised, you know. it's a great honor to be considered one of the elite in the league for this season and go out there and represent the redskins. >> london fletcher did not make the pro bowl again despite being the mosprolific tackler
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of the decade and did might the fact he hasn't missed a game his career. last year he was upset and wasn't shy about showing it. this year he's not angry. >> i'm still hopeful that maybe i can get in there. maybe one of those guys decides let's let this guy go in there. i'm not disappointed. i mean, you know, i'll still considered one ever the top line backers in the game. you know, that's all you can do. >> mike green received bad news today. he found out that he did not make the canadian olympic team. he admitted he was very disappointed and tried to make it. his teammate got better news. he made the czech republic squad. caps out west in san jose trying to win in jose for the first time in 16 years.
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first period, a good opportunity for the -- [ inaudible ] less than three minutes later this time -- [ inaudible ] right now san jose lead it is 2-0 in the second and texas tech has fired football coach mike leach. he's gone. i'm dave feldman. brian is back to wrap up the edge after this.
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it is being called a christmas mirac


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